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Species / Margistrombus Simanoki


Original Description of Margistrombus simanoki by Liverani, 2013:

  • "Adult shell 35-60 mm long. Shell long, triangular, the spire being less than 1/3 of total length. Spire sculptured by fine axial plicae, each possessing a pointed tubercle at the shoulder, crossed by fine spiral cords. Occasional varices on spiral whorls are present. Spiral cords and axial plicae becoming obsolete on the shiny dorsum of the last whorl, except for a strong subsutural cord, and spiral sulci on the anterior canal. Shoulder tubercles stronger on body whorl, and absent from middle of dorsum till the lip edge. On body whorl ventral side, tubercles are axially extended sometimes into long axial plicae that cover most of the ventral and lateral area. Lip slightly flaring, internal side entirely lyrate, the rim of the lip slightly curved towards columella. Lip extends adapically as a short posterior canal, reaching the shoulder of the penultimate whorl. Stromboid notch c-shaped and shallow. Columellar callus thickened, well bordered, smooth in the centre, lyrate next to the posterior canal, with small denticles close to the siphonal canal. Ventral side always white, but the borders of the columellar callus and lip may get a metallic hue in older shells. The color of the dorsal side is light yellow-brown, slightly mottled, sometimes with a pair of thin white spiral bands, one at the shoulder and the other at mid-whorl; the curved border of the lip is white. Dorsal color, constant in all examined specimens. Protoconch mammillate consisting of 3 smooth whorls, about 0.5 mm high, white. The first teleoconch whorl starting with a tiny axial rib. Operculum and animal unknown. Habitat unknown."

Locus typicus: Tapaktuan, Aceh Province, northern end of Sumatra Island, Indonesia

Margistrombus simanoki Liverani, 2013; Holotype; Tapaktuan, Aceh Province, northern end of Sumatra Island, Indonesia; 53,6 mm; Coll. NCB-Naturalis

Margistrombus simanoki Liverani, 2013; Paratype 9; Tapaktuan, Aceh Province, northern end of Sumatra Island, Indonesia; 51 mm; Coll. Virgilio Liverani

Distribution: "Known so far from the western side of Sumatra to the Kangean Islands and Sulawesi, Indonesia. Margistrombus lots preserved in the Naturalis, Leiden, suggest that that the new species may be sympatric to M. marginatus in West Sumatra, with M. robustus in central Indonesia and with M. septimus in Sulawesi."

Etymology: "Named in honour of Mr. Simanok, Phuket Island, Thailand, who drew my attention to these shells."


  • Liverani, V. 2013. A new species of Margistrombus Bandel, 2007 (Gastropoda, Strombidae) with some comments to the genus, Visaya 4(1): 77-83.

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