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Species / Mirabilistrombus


Original Description of Mirabilistrombus by Kronenberg, 1998, p. 2:

  • "Shell large, about 130 mm, high spired, rather thin shelled, fusiform with broadly expanding outer lip, very wide and deep stromboid notch, adbasally bordered by a large flange, anterior canal well developed, slightly recurved addorsally. Protoconch of about three whorls, first teleoconch whorls with rounded shoulders with axial ribs and fine siral striae, gradually transforming into a subangulate shoulder and obsolete sculpture, to smooth on the last two whorls. Operculum curved, elongated, serrated on one of the margins. Radula taenioglossate, central tooth trapezoid, with 8-10 cusps; lateral tooth oblong subovate, tip cirved, with 6-8 cusps, innermost being largest; marginals elongated sickle shaped, dentated near distal ends. Penis large, keeled, distal end with two prongs."

Type species: by OD Strombus listeri Gray, 1852

The only species of Mirabilistrombus is:

Mirabilistrombus listeri (Gray, 1852)

Etymology: name refers to the only known synonym of the type species, Strombus mirabilis Sowerby, 1870.



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