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Species / Onustus Extensus

Onustus Extensus


Original Description of Trochus extensus by J. de C. Sowerby, 1821, p. 140:

  • "Depressed, conical; above rugged, obliquely striated; beneath convex, smooth; base expanded, with a broad undulated thin margin; aperture oblong; umbilicus not plicated, closed when old."

Localities: "the Cliff at the Isle of Sheppey ... in the Highgate Tunnel"

Locus typicus: Isle of Sheppey, Kent County, South East Region, England

Stratum typicum: Ypresian, lower Eocene

Trochus extensus Sowerby, 1821, pl. 278, fig. 2

  • Highgate Tunnel

Trochus extensus Sowerby, 1821, pl. 278, fig. 3

  • Isle of Sheppey


  • Sowerby, J. de C., 1812-1845. The mineral Conchology of Great Britain. 7 vols, London. Vol. 1 (1813): I-VII, 9-234 pp., 102 plts; vol. 3 (1821): 1-194, plts 204-306.


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