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Species / Onustus Indicus

Onustus Indicus


History and Synonymy


Phorus indicus Reeve, 1842, pl. 215, fig. 6


  • Description of Phorus indicus by Reeve, 1843, p. 162:
    • "Phor. esta orbiculari, convexo-conica, ad apicem acuta, tenuissima, subtilissime striata, alba, superne rosea; anfractum peripheria dilatata, acutissima; inferna facie profunde umbilicata, fusco-fasciata, lamella laterali cavitatem formante."
  • Locality: "Cochin-China"
  • Comment Reeve, 1843, p.163:
    • "I never remember having seen this shell with any shells or pebbles attached to it, but the first two or three whorls sufficiently indicate that some have been agglutinated to it at one time or another by the numerous indentations which they exhibit. The under surface of the shell s generally marked with a circular brown band, the centre being widely umbilicated.!


Trochus indicus in Fischer in Kiener, 1880, pl. 9, fig. 1

Xenophora helvacea in Fischer in Kiener, 1880, pl. 53

Specimens from private collections

Onustus indicus (Gmelin, 1791); Philippines Islands; -50/80 m; Coll. Andrea Nappo

Onustus indicus (Gmelin, 1791); Philippines Islands; -50/80 m; Coll. Andrea Nappo


  • Reeve, L. H., 1841-2. Conchologia Systematica, or complete system of conchology etc. Vol. 2 (Gastropoda) part 9 (June 1842). London, Longman, Brown, Green & Longmans, 337 pp., 300 plts (in 2 volumes).
  • Reeve, L. H., 1843a (Feb.). On the genus Phorus, a group of agglutinating mollusks of the family Turbinacea. Proc. zool. Soc. Lond., 10 (1842): 160-163.

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