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Species / Orthaulax Altilis


Original Description of Orthaulax inornatus altilis by Pilsbry, 1022, p. 369:

  • "Four of Gabb's specimens differ from the above by the shorter spire. Possibly they intergrade with the typical form, as this is not a character of much constancy in Strombidae; but in the absence of evidence on this point it may be well to notice this form. Pl. XXX, figs. 17, 18 represent the largest example. The apex is wholly covered. There is a longitudinal callous hump on the left side opposite the aperture; but as the lip is broken back the hump appears to be dorsal. There are faint traces of a few spirals towards the base. Length 52, diam., 28 mm., antero-posterior diam. 29.5 mm. A young example of 9 whorls, 27,5 mm. long. (Plate XXX, fig. 16), is similar to the young shell described under 0. inornatus except that the spire is shorter, with fewer varices on the whorls. The last whorl is wider and has not begun to ascend, The lower half of the last whorl has numerous (about 17) spiral grooves defining rather flattened cords."

Types: A.N.S.P. no. 4065


  • Pilsbry, H.A. 1922. A Revision of W.M. Gabb's Tertiary Mollusca of Santo Domingo; Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 73: 305-435, pls. XVI-XLVII, Fulltext
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