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Species / Orthaulax Bermudezi

Orthaulax Bermudezi


Orthaulax bermudezi Clench & Aguayo, 1939

Locus typicus: Paso Real de San Diego, Pinar del Rio Province, Cuba

Stratum typicum: "in a well at a depth of 10 ft."

Types: holotype MCZ 27936

History and Synonymy


Woodring, 1959, p. 191:

  • "The early Miocene Cuban O. bermudezi Clench and Aguayo (1939) seems to be O. aguadillensis. Unlike other fossils identified as 0. aguadillensis, the type of 0. bermudezi has part of the outer lip preserved. It is flaring and winglike, like that of many strombid gastropods."


  • Clench, W.J. & Aguayo, C.G. 1939. Mem. Soc. Cubana Hist. Nat. 13(5): p. 357, pls. 47, 48
  • Woodring, 1959
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