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Species / Orthaulax Conoides


Original Description of Orthaulax conoides by Woodring, 1923, p. 9:

  • "Shell medium sized, conical, spire low, the enveloping whorls bent almost at an angle of 90 at the shoulder: cross section circular; callus between the whorls lenticular below the shoulder, abruptly thinning above the shoulder and continuing as a very thin wedge to the apex of the shell; upper edge of body cavity angular on later whorls, more rounded on early whorls; aperture not known."

Locus typicus: " U.S.G.S. station 1/139, Porto Rico, Province of Aguadilla, pit No. 5, on right side of Rio Guajataca at dam site, from upper and harder layers of " lower limestone," altitude about 192 meters above sea level, G. R. Mansfield, collector, February 8, 1922, type and eight other specimens, four of which are casts." Puerto Rico, USA

Orthaulax conoides Woodring, 1923, pl. 2, fig. 1


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