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Species / Paraseraphs Armoricensis


Description from Jung, 1974: Of large size, slender. Protoconch unknown. Postnuclear whorls about 2 and half. Surface smooth except for fine growth lines. Callus on inner lip moderately well developed. Outer lip not thickened. Posterior canal runs toward the apex in a slightly antispiral direction. Columella bent backwards near base.

Locus typicus: Bois-Gouet, basin of Saffré (Loire inferieure) France. Upper middle Eocene

Specimens from institutional collections

Paraseraphs armoricensis (Cossmann, 1897); Hypotype; Bartonian, middle Eocene; Bois-Gouët, Saffré, Loire-Atlantique Department, France; Coll. RBINS no. 5768; Coll. Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Specimens from private collections

Paraseraphs armoricensis (Cossmann, 1897); Loire-Atlantique Department, France; Lutetian, Eocene, Paleogene; 63 mm; Coll. Christian Romanek


  • Jung, 1974
  • Cossmann, M., 1897. Mollusques eoceniques de la Loire Inferieure. Bull. Soc. Sci. Nat. Ouest de la France, vol. 7, n.4, p. 297-358, plt. 7-11.

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