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Species / Paraseraphs Erraticus


Original Description of Tornatina erratica by Cooper, 1894:

  • "Form cylindrical, whorls five, the first immersed, second helicoid, next two rapidly enlarging, and deeply channeled at sutures; fifth diverging suddenly in a loose spiral, the suture advancing ¼ of an inch in one revolution; mouth very long and narrow, lips simple, surface smooth, chalky white. A thin external layer of shell is gone, as shown in the matrix filling mouth, but this was smooth as far as visible."

Locus typicus: Rose Cañon, Diego County, California, USA

Stratum typicum: Eocene

Tornatina erratica in Cooper, 1895

Paraseraphs erraticus in Squires, 1984


  • J.G. Cooper (1894) - Catalogue of Californian Fossils (Parts II, III, IV and V). California State Mining Bureau; Bulletin No. 4.
  • Squires, 1984

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