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Species / Paraseraphs Placitus


Original Description from Jung, 1974: Of medium size, moderately slender. Protoconch consists of 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 almost planispiral, glassy whorls. Postnuclear whorls up to 2 1/4. Sculpture consists of faint growth lines and a fine spiral strlation on the upper-most part of the whorl. A few spiral grooves on the lower part of the body whorl adjoining the inner lip are also present on well-preserved specimens. Callus of inner lip well developed. Outer lip not thickened below, but thickening toward the adapical end of the aperture, and continuing as a posterior canal to the apex. The callus of the inner lip also continues to the apex. Base of outer lip does not reach down to the level of the base of the columella. Basal part of columella bent backwards.

Locus typicus: Chaussy, dept. Seine-et-Oise, France.

Stratum typicum: Lutetian, middle Eocene

Paraseraphs placitus Jung, 1974; Lutetian, middle Eocene; Chaussy, Val d'Oise Department, France; Coll. Naturhistorisches Museum Basel; Ex-coll. Gutzwiller 1912; Photo Virgilio Liverani

  1. Holotype; 26 mm; Coll. NMB no. H14491
  2. Paratype; 28 mm; Coll. NMB no. H10539

Specimens from private collections

Paraseraphs placitus Jung, 1974; Bracklesham Group (formerly Bracklesham Beds), middle Eocene; Bracklesham Bay, West Sussex County, South East Region, England; 15 mm; Photo & Copyright Alan Morton


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