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Species / Pelicaria Acuminata


Original description of Struthiolaria acuminata by Marwick, 1924:

  • "Shell somewhat small, ovate, with acute turreted spire longer than aperture. Whorls 6, gradually increasing; sculpture, whorls immediately below apex convex and with spiral cords, third whorl bicarinate, keels being marked by 2 strong cinguli, on fourth and fifth whorls these become much stronger, raised and rounded, angle of shoulder has now developed strong raised band so whorls are tricarinate, interstices being rounded and a little wider than spiral ribs; on body-whorl are 5 strong raised rounded cinguli, the lowest near fourth and slightly weaker than the others; on base are 4 strong spiral threads with wide interstices; the whole surface spiralled with fine obsolete threads, crossed by sinuous growth-lines; suture situated in channel formed by strong spirals, whorl being slightly depressed between top spiral and suture; aperture ovate, channelled above and produced below into very short canal; outer lip reflexed, thickened, edge rounded, sinuosity very shallow; columella concave, ending in truncated beak, bent to right, inner lip with moderate regular callus equal in width to that of outer lip, and not ascending on body-whorl above outer lip."

Locus typicus: Twaite's cutting, five miles south of Martinborough, South Wairarapa District, North Island, New Zealand

Struthiolaria (Pelicaria) acuminata (Marwick, 1924); Nukumaruan, Pliocene/Pleistocene; Makara Stream, Wellington, North Island, New Zealand; 49 mm; Coll. (BM)NH; Copyright BM(NH)

Struthiolaria acuminata (Marwick, 1924); Holotype; In Marwick, Pl. 15, fig. 12 and 13; Copyright Royal Society of New Zealand / National Library of New Zealand


  • J. Marwick (1924) The Struthiolariidae. Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Vol. 55, p. 185

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