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Species / Pelicaria Media


Original description of Struthiolaria media by Marwick, 1924:

  • "Shell somewhat small, ovate, with turreted spire about equal in height to aperture; whorls 6, regularly increasing; sculpture, the first two whorls convex with from 6 to 8 spiral threads, with slightly wider interstices, third whorl with about 12 spiral threads, two very weak cinguli beginning to appear, fourth and fifth whorls with 2 strong cinguli, the whole surface with about 12 spiral threads some of which are more prominent than others, body-whorl with 4 strong rounded spiral cinguli, and a fifth rudimentary on base, which has 6 stronger threads and 4 or 5 weak ones, the fine spirals of spire continue on body-whorl, but in interstices of cinguli there is generally one more prominent than others; suture bounded below by narrow flat surface; aperture ovate, channelled above, produced below into very short canal; outer lip reflexed, thickened, edge rounded, sinuosity very shallow. Columella concave, ending in truncated beak bent to right, inner lip with regular callus, about equal in width to outer lip."

Dimensions Holotype: Height, 36 mm.; diameter, 23 mm.

Stratum typicum: Nukumaruan, Pliocene/Pleistocene

Localities: Castle Point, east Wellington, New Zealand and Twaite's Cutting, Martinborough, New Zealand

Struthiolaria (Pelicaria) media (Marwick, 1924); Nukumaruan, Pliocene/Pleistocene; Makara, Martinborough District, Wellington, North Island, New Zealand; 29 mm, 31 mm; Coll. BM(NH); Copyright BM(NH)

Struthiolaria media (Marwick, 1924); Holotype; In Marwick; Copyright Royal Society of New Zealand / National Library of New Zealand


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