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Species / Pelicaria Zelandiae


Original description of Struthiolaria zelandiae by Marshall & Murdoch, 1920:

  • "Shell ovate, oblong, spire turreted, whorls spirally ribbed, rather flattened, shouldered at the sutures, which are deeply excavated, the last more or less angled at the base. Whorls six or more, apex lost. Sculpture: On the last whorl a broad usually strong spiral rib on the sutural shoulder, followed by six or seven narrow cords, thence two stronger cords, the first of which is the more prominent and forms the basal angle, anterior to this contracted and with five or six cords which are usually smaller and more widely spaced as they approach the anterior end; the grooves deep except immediately below the shoulder where they vary considerably, in some examples feeble ill-defined corrugations, in others narrow incised lines, or clean-cut, deep, and slightly narrower than the riblets. The first of the remaining spire-whorls with a few spiral threadlets, on the following whorls increasing to seven or eight, variable as on the last, usually distinct in the deeply excavated sutural area. A secondary sculpture of fine threadlets adorns both ribs and grooves. Aperture ovate, oblique; outer lip sinuous, strong, and reflexed; inner lip with a broad fairly heavy callus; columella curved, a distinct notch at the anterior end."

Locus typicus: Waipipi, near Waverley, South Taranaki Distric, North Island, New Zealand

Stratum typicum: Mangapanian, Late Pliocene

Measurements: Length, 36 mm.; width, 27 mm.

Struthiolaria zelandiae in Marshall & Murdoch, 1920, pl. VII, fig 11, Copyright Royal Society of New Zealand / National Library of New Zealand


  • Beu, A. G. (2010) - Marine Mollusca of isotope stages of the last 2 million years in New Zealand. Part 3. Gastropoda (Vetigastropoda - Littorinimorpha), Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand, 40: 3, 59 - 180
  • Marshall & Murdoch, 1920

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