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Species / Perissodonta Hatcheri


Original Description of Struthiolaria Hatcheri by Ortmann, 1902, p. 201:

  • "Shell ovato-pyramidal, spire scalariform. Whorls with revolving ribs, which number 20 to 22 on the last whorl, and are all equal in size and distance from each other. Upper part of the whorls oblique, not canaliculate, rendered subangular by a series of 10-11 blunt, conical, subcostiform nodes. Of the spiral ribs, about 5 or 6 are in the region of the nodes, the rest (14-15) are below the nodes, on the lower part of the whorls. Measurements: Height, 22 mm, diameter, 13 mm; another: height, 21 mm, diameter, 14 mm. But it grows a little larger, as is shown by a fragment that is 16 mm in diameter."

Comment Ortmann, 1902, p. 201:

  • "Remarks: This species differs from all the other South American species of the genus in the spiral ribs, which are of uniform size, in the upper part as well as in the lower part of the whorls. In all the following species there are at least a few ribs on the lower part of the last whorl, which are distinctly and considerably stronger than those on the upper part. Also the small number of nodes, and the suture, which is not canaliculate, serve to distinguish this species."

Locus typicus: Punta Arenas, Magallanes Province, Chile

Stratum typicum: Horizon II (lower Magellanian)


  • Ortmann,A.E. 1902.Tertiary invertebrates: Reports of the Princeton Expedition to Patagonia, 18961899. Vol. 4(2) p. 45-332
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