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Species / Perissodonta Minor


Original Description of Struthiolaria minor by Marshall, 1917:

  • "Shell small, 18 mm by 10 mm, oblong in shape with a subtruncate base. Sculpture consisting of vertical costae and spiral grooves. Costae 16 in each whorl, extending almost from suture to suture, and bent slightly backwards into a shallow crescent. Spiral threads sharp, 10 in the penultimate whorl, 8 in the whorl above it; the threads pass over the costae without any interruption. Body-whorl with a large shallow groove in the middle, thus forming two carinae; the costae stop at the upper end of this groove, but the spiral threads are continuous to the end of the canal. Spire of 5 whorls, each shouldered; suture impressed but not canaliculate. Aperture with a thick inner lip, the callosity covering part of the base."

Locus typicus: Wangaloa, South Otago, South Island, New Zealand

Monalaria minor in Marwick, 1924; Pl. 11, fig. 5, 7 and 7; Copyright Royal Society of New Zealand / National Library of New Zealand


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