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Species / Pietteia Sadharaensis

Pietteia Sadharaensis


Original diagnosis:

  • "Rather slender, small-medium sized shell in Pietteia; whorls strongly convex; strong, suture to suture ribs on teleoconch whorls (10-11 on penultimate whorl); these ribs disappear from last whorl but strong keel develops and ramp changes into concave at same time; keel densely nodosed near last (enlarged) peristome; adaxial spine of peristome reaches upper suture of penultimate whorl; spiral threads and cords alternating on whorls and base."

Original Description of Pietteia sadharensis by Jaitly and J. Szabó, 2007:

  • "Small-medium sized, rather slender species of Pietteia. Shell consists of about five post-protoconch whorls; apical part lacking. Whorls convex, sparse spiral threads and strong, opisthocline, suture-to-suture costae (11-12 max./whorl) ornament them. Ribs lacking from last whorl, threads marked, cord-like below carina (and on base) but almost lacking from ramp on last whorl. Median (peripheral) carina develops from penultimate whorl. Carina becomes strong and sharp on last whorl, then corrugated by nodulae near peristome. Some weak collabral ribs may appear irregularly on basal surface below nodosed carina part. From penultimate whorl, subsutural ramp gradually changes into convex, just like outermost, narrow belt of base. Second carina not developed at edge of base, only weak angulation indicates its usual place. Peristome not preserved, fragments indicate presence of usual peristome-extension, axial and adapical digitation. Uppermost part of extended outer lip reaches upper suture of penultimate whorl."

Locus typicus: Sadhara, Pachcham Island, Kachchh, Gujarat State, Western India

Stratum typicum: Gora Doongar Yellow Flagstone Member, Bathonian, Jurassic


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