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Species / Pietteia Stockleyi


Original Description of Pietteia stockleyi by Cox, 1965, p. 160:

  • "Shell small (height of holotype, a specimen defective anteriorly, 7,9 mm.), rather slender, mean spire angle about 20. Protoconch elevated, rather mammiliform, of two smooth whorls. Later whorls about 5 1/2, rather high in proportion to their diameter, with a moderately wide sutural ramp which forms an angle of about 45 with the axis of the shell and an almost flat outer face, which is vertical or even inclined inward abapically on the last whorl, and is separated from the feebly excavated, well extended neck of the shell by an obtuse angulation. Dominant ornament consisting of spiral threads; three principal threads, with a secondary thread varying in strength intercalated in each interval on the later whorls, are present both on the outer face and on the ramp, and further threads, irregularly spaced but alternating in strength more or less regularly, ornament the neck. In addition, weak collabral ribs, most prominent at the ramp angle, are present except on the last whorl, the number on the penultimate whorl being 10. On the last whorl the ramp angle bears a short spine half a volution back from the outer lip. Aperture narrow, not preserved intact in the available specimens. Outer lip thickened, with a single short digitation at the position of the ramp angle."


  • L.R. Cox, 1965. Jurassic Bivalvia and Gastropoda from Tanganyika and Kenya. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) Geology Suppl. 1 1965: 1-213

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