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Species / Platyoptera Pacifica


Original diagnosis:

  • "A Platyoptera with cancellate ornamentation."

Original description of Platyoptera pacifica by Squires & Demetrion, 1990:

  • "Medium sized, shell height up to 46 mm; inflated fusiform, spire about 50 percent of height; about six convex whorls; sculpture not preserved in posteriormost spire whorls, antepenultima, penultimate, and body whorl covered with closely spaced cancellate ornamentation, body whorl shoulder with at least five elongate nodes that become stronger adaperturally; outer lip extended into a broad, large wing extending from base of canal to spire apex, with about 16 fairly widely spaced digitations that ere extensions of spiral ribs on the body whorl, digitations strongest near base of canal, digitations bend obliquely in the regions of base of canal and spire, interspaces between digitations show "U"-shaped growth lines."

Locus typicus: North side of a minor canyon, at an elevation of 120 m, on the west side of Mesa La Salina, approximately 1.25 km southeast of the intersection of 113 00 W and 26 45 N, San Jose de Gracia, Baja California Sur, Baja California Peninsula, Mexico

Stratum typicum: Bateque Formation, Ypresian, Eocene

Platyoptera pacifica in Squires & Demetrion, 1990, fig. 2, no.6 and 7. Copyright The Paleontological Society


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