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Species / Pterodonta Gigantica


Original description of Pterodonta gigantica by Abbass, 1963:

  • "The shell is large and fusiform in outline. The spire is acute and consists of 4 overlapping whorls of which the outline is convex. The sutures are furrowed and deep. The body whorl is large and is a little more than half of the height of the shell. The outer lip is semicircular, with a marked convexity near the anterior canal. This convexity seems to appear only in the latest growth stages of the shell, as it does not affect its left side which on the contrary, shows, a concavity on the internal cast. The aperture is wide and the inner lip is concave, with a low fold bordering the umbilicus. The surface of the cast is crossed by a number of low spiral folds which are wide apart. Another gerontic character is found in another specimen, in the form of an internal cast which shows an oblique depression in the outer lip, tending almost to close the aperture. This depression corresponds to an internal fold possibly representing an external furrow."

Locus typicus: Wadi Hawashia, Sinai., Egypt

Stratum typicum: Cenomanian, Cretaceous


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