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Species / Pugnellus Crassicostatus


Original Description of Pugnellus crassicostatus by Noetling, 1915, p. 60:

  • "The shell is fusiform, accuminate at each end, and consists of five or six volutions, forming rather a low spire; the last whorl, which is ventricose, occupies at least three quarters of the total height of 45 mm. and terminates in a tolerably long canal. The outer lip is much thickened, and expanded into a roundish wing which is bent somewhat backwards. The ornamentation consists of strong, rounded S-shaped ribs on the last whorl, which begin near the suture and disappear about half way across the whorl. Aperture scarcely seen, apparently longitudinal and narrow.

Locus typicus: Mazár Drik, Baluchistan, Pakistan

Stratum typicum: Horizon 8 at Mazár Drik, Cretaceous

Pugnellus crassicostatus Noetling, 1902, pl. XVI, fig. 3, 3a, 4, 4a

Specimens from institutional collections

Strombus (Pugnellus) crassicostata Noetling, 1895; "Senonian", upper Cretaceous; Fanivelona, Nosy Varika District, Vatovavy-Fitovinany Region, Madagascar; 38 mm; Coll. MNHN no. R07176; Copyright Museum national d'Histoire naturelle Paris


  • Fritz Noetling, 1902. Fauna of the Upper Cretaceous (Maestrichtien) Beds of the Mari Hills, Fauna of Bŕluchistan and N.W. Frontier of India, Palaeontologia Indica series XVI, Vol. I, Part 3, Calcutta, pp. 1-79, pls. I-XXIII URL

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