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Species / Pugnellus Klitschi


Original Description of Pugnellus klitschi by Kiel & Bandel, 1999:

  • "The shell is completely covered by callus. Four to five axial ribs are present on the body whorl just before the outer lip. The spire makes up about one quarter of the total shell height. The shoulder and outer margin of the outer lip are thickened with callus, and the anterior canal is bent upwards forming a horn. Callus of the inner lip shows an S-like axial groove. The aperture is long and narrow, widening at both ends. The holotype measures 26 mm in height and is 20 mm wide."

Types: TUB: G114 (Berlin), from the SFB 69

Locus typicus: Ammonite Hill, Western Sand Sea, Egypt

Stratum typicum: Dakhla Formation, Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous

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