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Species / Pugnellus Orientalis

Pugnellus Orientalis


Original description of Pugnellus orientalis by Lees, 1928:

  • "Shell consists of five smooth whorls; the body-whorl, occupying about four-fifths of the total height, is strongly inflated; the remaining whorls form a low spire. 'Whorls slightly convex, and separated by a shallow suture; aperture narrow and elongate, the outer lip being extended to form a triangular wing attached to the spire between the last whorl-suture and the last but one. From this point of attachment the margin of the wing is approximately parallel to the side of the spire as far as a well-defined corner, below which the outer margin is parallel to the aperture. Lower extremity of outer lip folded upwards to form a hook-like projection, on the outer side of which the anterior siphon probably passes. The upper margin of the wing has a strong sigmoidal fold, the outer margin is sharp and folded outwards; inner lip smooth."

Locus typicus: Jebel el Malih, Oman

Stratum typicum: Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous

Pugnellus orientalis Lees, 1928; Holotype; Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous; Jebel el Malih, Oman; 33 mm; Coll. BM(NH), No. G.47343; Copyright BM(NH)


  • O. Kühn, 1929, Beiträge zur Paläontologie und Stratigraphie von Oman (Ost-Arabien). Ann. Naturhist. Mus., 43, 13—33, Taf. 1—3.
  • M. G. Lees, 1928, The geology and tectonics of Oman and of parts of south-eastern Arabia. The Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society London, vol. LXXXIV,p. 585—670.

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