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Species / Rimella Gracilis


Original Description of Rimella gracilis by Ma & Zhang, 1996, p. 60:

  • "Shell small, slender, nearly fusiform, solid, spire turrited and body whorl slightly ventricose, but on the anterior contract; whorls about 11 and 1/2, whorls and increasing slowly in width; suture sallow Outer surface, except protoconch and 1/2 glossy smooth, with numerous longitudinal ribs and numerous fine transvers groove struae, whick cross longitudinal ribs became cancellated on the surface, usually appear varices on the spire whorls. The aperture narrow ovate outer marginal thick; outer lip inside with serrate, anterior half the serrate extending outer marginal; inner lip thick, smooth, posterior cannal long and narrow and runs over two or the spire whorls, anterior cannal short, recuved toward right. Shell white with three and two brwonish bands on the hody whorl and spire whorls respectively (old shells indistinct), usually, with three brwornish spots on the outer marginal aperture."

Locus typicus: Nansha Islands (11145'14"E, 343'87"), Hainan Province, China

Types: holotype no. 37263, deposited in the Institute of Oceanology, Academia Sinica

Discussion Ma & Zhang, 1996, p. 61:

  • "The new species is similar Rimella cancellata (Lamarck), but differs it by the slender shape and insude aperture is white."


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