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Species / Rimella Mediterranica


Original description of Rimella (Rimella) mediterranica by Abbass, 1967:

  • "Shell medium, fusiform; spire conically turriculate, consisting of 9 convex whorls with posterior contraction near moderately deep undulating sutures; earlier whorls smooth ; later whorls show 18-20 orthocline axials separated by narrower interspaces; one varix usually developed on each volution; on still later whorls interaxial spaces become wider than axials and occupied by very low spiral ridges less prominent than axials and crossed by them; body whorl medially inflated then contracted anteriorly into short beak; axials as inverted S-shaped, strongly curved near anterior side of beak where axials become attenuated while spirals gradually increase in prominence ; aperture oval, angular posteriorly, widely notched anteriorly; outer lip thick, convex, smooth, reflected backwards; inner lip concave, thick; posterior canal extends up spire apix then curves anteriorly back to penultimate whorl."

Stratum typicum: Bartonian, upper Eocene

Locus typicus: Qasr El-Sagha, Fayium, Egypt

Dimensions: Spire angle 35, height 40 mm, whorl height 8 mm, whorl width 12 mm


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