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Species / Rimella Peruviana


Original Description of Rimella peruviana by Olsson, 1931, p. 189:

  • "Shell of medium size, a spire of moderate length and a sculpture of coarse riblets and finer spirals; nucleus unknown; post-nuclear whorls 4+, the spire-whorls fairly large and about one-half the length of the whole shell; rib-like varices are present on some of the spire-whorls and roughly spaced about 120 degrees apart; on the last whorl, a varical rib is present, not quite opposite the outer lip so that the ventral side of the shell appears slightly depressed and the dorsal side convex to slightly humped; sculpture consists of even, linear riblets which number about 21 on the last turn; the spaces between the riblets are wider, concave and marked with fine spiral lines; anterior canal and anterior side of aperture broken; the posterior canal is continued as in Rimella fissurella along a ridge of callus to the tip of the spire."

Locus typicus: Casa Saman, Chira Valley, Peru

Stratum typicum: Chira Formation, upper Eocene marine shale/ash


  • A. A. Olsson. 1931. Contributions to the Tertiary Paleontology of Northern Peru: Part 4, The Peruvian Oligocene. Bulletins of American Paleontology 17(63), 100-

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