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Species / Rostellaria Maxima
  • Rostellaria maxima Price, 1873

Original Description of Rostellaria maxima by Price, 1873, p. 97:

  • "Shell turreted, having eights whorls flattened and slightly convex with undulate longitudinal costae, which are crossed by numerous transverse lines. Body-whorl carinated and extended into one spine on the outer lip; sutures distinct, transversely striated. Few or no undulating costae on the body whorl above the carina; both above and below the carina the body-whorl is concentrically and delicately striated. The body-whorl is twice the length of the preceding whorl; whorls as wide as high. Canal produced. Axis 4 3/4 inches."

Locus typicus: Copt Point, Folkestone, Kent County, South East Region, England

Stratum typicum: Upper Gault, a few feet above the hard seam containg Inoceramus sulcatus, and a hybrid Inoceramus, in the zone (No. II) of Ammonites circularis and Kingoena lima of De Rance (Price, 1873, p. 97)

Rostellaria maxima Price, 1873, pl. VI

  • Height: 12 cm

History and Synonymy


Aporrhais maxima in Gardner, 1875, pl. V, fig. 4


  • J. Starkie Gardner (1873). IV.—Notes on the Genus Rostellaria (or Aporrhais?) of the Gault. Geological Magazine, 10 , pp 161-163
  • Gardner, 1875
  • Price, 1873,

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