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Species / Rostellariella Barbieri


Original Description of Rostellariella barbieri by Morrison, 2008 :

  • "The shell is of medium height for genus, varying from 66.5 mm (paratype 2) to 94.9 mm (paratype 1), solid and high spired. Protoconch consists of approximately 5 smooth, weakly convex whorls with distinct suture. Initial whorl lowest and eroded, while last whorl more inflated, giving a slightly bulbous appearance to protoconch. Protoconch-teleoconch transition indistinct and marked primarily by the inflated final whorl of the protoconch and change in colour. Twelve weak spiral chords commence by the third teleoconch whorl below two distinct subsutural grooves, which remain prominent to outer lip. Spiral chords become obsolete near centre of ventral body whorl surface. A rudimentary varix evidence on thrid teleoconch whorl. Body whorl combined with anterior canal comprises approximately 60% of the shell lenght and is generally smooth, except for 30 to 35 distinct spiral chords on anterior half of dorsal surface. Columellar callus indistinct. Lip slightly thickened internally towards anterior canal and posteriorly develops a prominent callus prior to first of four evenly spaced, long fine digits. Outer lip margin followed by a distinct but superficial callus. Posterior canal is deep, recurved both dorsally and anteriorly, while anterior cana is deep, long and twisted to the right when viewed ventrally. Protoconch white, subsequent whorls cream and traversed by vertical tan wavy parallel lines, which widen on the dorsal body whorl surface, while ventral surface is cream. Columellar callus white, aperture tan. Holotype description essentilaly covers both paratypes, except for the range in size and presence of vestigial varices on the holotype, which has one varix on the third teleoconch whorl, while paratype 1 has none and paratype 2 has 5; one on the 4th whorl, one on the 5th whorl, 2 on the 6th whorl and 1 on the 7th whorl."

Locus typicus: Cebu Strait, centred on the town of Oslob, south eastern Cebu Island, Central Visayas Region, Philippines.

Stratum typicum: recent

Rostellariella barbieri Morrison, 2008; Paratype 2; Oslob, south Cebu Island, Central Visayas Region, Philippines; with tangle nets at 200-300 m; 2007; Coll. Gijs Kronenberg no. 6324

History and Synonymy

Rostellariella barbieri Morrison, 2008: 26-31


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