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Species / Rostellariella Lorenzi


Original Description of Rostellariella lorenzi by Morrison, 2005:

  • "Adult shell is of medium height for the genus, varying from 88,9 mm (paratype 6) to 99,5 mm (paratype 1). The shell is solid and high spired. The protoconch consists of apporx. 5 smooth, weakly convex whorls with a distinct suture. The initial whorl is lowest and often eroded. By the third protoconch whorl a distinct keel is present above the suture, continuing to the teleoconch whorls. The teleoconch of some individuals is marked by a distinct and in some cases jagged growth line. By the second of third teleoconch whorl, weak spiral cords commence with very narrow interstices of 0.2 to 0.3 mm. There are approx. 13 to 16 spirals cords, of which the subsutural cord, comprised of a series of distinct vertical slots, is most prominent. The spiral cords become obsolete near the centre of the ventral surface of the body whorl. The body whorl, combined with posterior canal, comprises approx. 60% of the lenght of the shell and is generally smooth except for 35 to 45 fine spiral cords on the anterior third of the dorsal surface. The columellar callus is indistinct or obsolete. The outer lip is slightly thickened internally only near the posterior canal. The outer lip margin is followed by a distinct but superficial callus. The posterior canal is reduced to a shallow notch, curved dorsally. The outer lip is comprised of a convex thickened section, extending from the posterior notch for approx. 10mm to 12mm, ending in a distinct indentation forming the first of four to six (but mostly five) evenly spaced short digits. The posterior canal is deep, long and twisted to the left when viewed ventrally.
The protoconch is white and subsequent whorls have a subsutural narrow band of chesnut brown, obsolete by the penultimate whorl. Spire and body whorls are traversed by vertical brown parallel lines, which may be wavy or zigzagging, becoming wider on the dorsum of the body whorl. The ventral surface of the body whorl is sparsely striated. The outer lip callus is lined with darker brown. The columellar callus and aperture are white.
Thin and almost transparent periostracum is present."

Locus typicus: Indonesia, Arafura Sea (bordered by the Indonesian island of Timor to the west, Tanimbar and Aru Islands to the north and the Australian territorial boundary to the south).

Stratum typicum: recent

Rostellariella lorenzi Morrison, 2005; Paratype 5; Arafura Sea, north of Darwin, NT, Australia; Trawled on mud and sand at 200-400 m by indonesian fishermen; 2004; Ex-coll. Morrison; Coll. Gijs Kronenberg no. 6269

History and Synonymy

Rostellariella lorenzi Morrison, 2005: 15-23

Specimens from private collections

Rostellariella lorenzi Morrison, 2005; Timor Sea; Trawled at 350 m; 92 mm; Coll. Christian Börnke

Rostellariella lorenzi Morrisson, 2005; Timor, Arafura Sea; 8/2005; Coll. Koenraad De Turck

Rostellariella lorenzi Morrison, 2005; Arafura Sea, north of Darwin, NT, Australia; Trawled on mud and sand at 200-400 m by indonesian fishermen; 2004; Ex-coll. Morrison; Coll. Gijs Kronenberg no. 6294


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