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Species / Rostellariella Martinii


Original Description of Gladius Martinii by Marrat, 1877, p. 244:

  • "G. testa fusiformi, pallide luteo-spadicea, superne fascia livida obscura prope suturam cingulata, spira turrita; anfr. rotundatis, subinflatis, omnibus creberrime transversim punctato-striatis, concinne cancellatis, prope suturas bisulcatis, ultimo tumidiusculo, late expanso; labro quinque vel sexdentato, extus fusco-maculato, superne calloso brevi caniculato-producto et crispato; columella arcuata, alba, fauce pallide castanea; canali breviusculo, vix recurvo:"
  • "This very remarkable shell differs altogether from all those in the same genus with it, as follows; the upper whorls are not costate, the striae are very closely placed and remarkably fine, the aperture is very elongated, the teelh are set on the outer edge of the lip, the callus does not reach the suture of the body whorl, and the transverse striae are punctate."

Locus typicus: Cebu Island, Central Visayas Region, Philippines

Types: Free Public Museum of Liverpool (?)

Gladius martinii Marrat, 1877, pl. 1

Gladius martinii; Cebu, Philippines; Holotype (indeterminate Marrat accession [976]); Copyright National Museums Liverpool

Etymology: "Named after S. Trice Martin, Esq. from whom I obtained it, and who has the second and only other specimen known."


  • Kronenberg, 2005: "Adri Burger and me advocated that based on characters of protoconch, transition protoconch - teleoconch, first teleoconch whorls and characters of the aperture (development of posterior canal, columellar callus, absence - presence of aparietal ridge), that Gladius martinii Marrat, 1877 should be assigned to the genus Rostellariella Thiele, 1929 [T.S. by Monotypy Rostellaria delicatula G. Nevill, 1881].

History and Synonymy

Rostellariella martinii (Marrat, 1877: 244-245) (Gladius)

  • Syn.: Tibia martini auct. [incorrect subsequent spelling]

Specimens from private collections

Rostellariella martinii (Marrat, 1877); Tayabas Bay, Luzon Island, Philippines; 158 mm; Coll. Chong Chen

Comment Chong Chen:

  • The "Martini's Tibia" is an elegant, thin-shelled tibia. One of S. Peter Dance's fifty "Rare Shells" (1969), this species was considered very rare until late 20th century. It inhabits rather deep water of about 100~200m and has a distribution from Taiwan to Borneo.

Rostellariella martinii (Marrat, 1877); Philippines Islands; 119 mm; Coll. Paul Merrill

Rostellariella martinii (Marrat, 1877); central Philippines; 158 mm; Coll. Lawrence Moon


  • Marrat, F.P., 1877. Description of a new form of Gladius, Klein = Rostellaria, Lam.. Quarterly Journal of Conchology 1: 244-245, pl. 1 (Fulltext)


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