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Species / Seraphs Lanceolatum


Original Description of Terebellum (Seraphs) lanceolatum Cossmann & Pissarro, 1909

  • “Large, narrow, slender; spire conealed; body-whorl constituting the whole shell; aperture tall, wide, canaliculated at the posterior angle; outer lip with a very sharp margin, produced up to the apex, and apparently continued beyond it on the opposite side. Columella rectilinear.”

Locus typicus: Jhirak area, North-West Frontier Provinces, India

Stratum typicum: uppermost Ranikot Beds (zone 4), lower Eocene


Comments by Cossmann & Pissarro, 1909, p. 50:

  • “Remarks. - We have referred this species to the section Seraphs of the genus Terebellum, although we have not been able to study the details of the aperture, especially the anterior extremity. Should this anterior extremity terminate in a sharp rostrum instead of being truncated like that of Terebellum, this shell would belong rather to the genus Semiterebellum related to Hippochrene, which it recalls, indeed, by the posterior channel of the aperture. At any rate, d’Archiac and Haime’s Memoir does not contain any forms referable to T. lanceolatum which is characterised chiefly by its acuminate spire: T. obtusum J. de C. Sow., for instance, has it rounded and short.”


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