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Species / Seraphs Mayeri

Seraphs Mayeri


Original Description of Seraphs (Seraphs) mayeri by Jung, 1974:

  • "Of small to medium size, moderately slender. Apex moderately pointed. Inner lip thin, continuing above the adapical end of the aperture up to the apex. Outer lip thin except on spire, where it is slightly thickened and forms a "posterior canal". The shell of the body whorl behind this "canal" is usually somewhat resorbed and thus becomes transparent, with the result that the sutures of earlier whorls are visible. Columella slightly bent backwards near base."

Holotype: Naturhistorisches Museum Basel no. H16578; height 21,4 mm; Name by Mayer-Eymar is Terebellum gregorioi (not published)

Locus typicus: Monte Grumi near Castelgomberto, Vicenza, Italy

Stratum typicum: Oligocene

Seraphs mayeri Jung, 1974; Holotype; Oligocene; Monte Grumi, Castelgomberto, Vicenza, Italy; 21 mm; Ex-coll. Mayer-Eymar no. s 3422; Coll. Naturhistorisches Museum Basel no. H16578; Photo Virgilio Liverani

Etymology: named after Mayer-Eymar

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