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Species / Seraphs Naricus


Original Description of Terebellum (Seraphs) naricum by Vredenburg:

  • " Medium-size, very slender, fusoid, with pointed apex, shape cylindraceous, scarcely excavated at the neck. The open part of the aperture terminates at about one fourth the length of the shell from the summit. Posteriorly to its termination the whorls are apparently in contact. A narrow channel between the margins of the outer lip and the columellar lip can be followed almost to the apex. There is no spire, the outer lip being continued exactly to the apex. The columellar lip has a distinct linear edge throughout the entire height of the shell. The outer lip is strongly retrocurrent towards the apex, acquiring thereby a winding disposition in its posterior portion. Throughout the open portion of the tall narrow aperture its course is practically straight, the gradual anterior expansion of the aperture being due, not to any expansion of the outer lip, but to thc gradual contraction in an anterior direction of the portion of the shell enclosed within the columellar lip."
  • Locus typicus: Nari of Bhagothoro Hill, Sind, Pakistan
  • Stratum typicum: Oligocene

Dimensions: Length (restored) 48 mm; thickness 10 mm.


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