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Species / Striatostrombus


  • Strombidae
    • Striatostrombus Dekkers & Maxwell, 2018

Original Description of Striatostrombus by Dekkers & Maxwell, 2018, p. 223:

  • "Description.—Shell of medium size. The callus of the columella is well developed but does not extend above the aperture to the spire of the shell. The dorsal region of the body whorl typically with rows of knobs: there is much variation in the size of knobs and number of rows. Shell whorls corded uniformly which may vary in intensity. The aperture shape is ovate with a well-defined stromboidal notch. The posterior canal is short and narrow. The anterior of the shell is blunt."

Type species: Strombus (s.l.) blanci Tröndlé & Salvat, 2010.



  • Dekkers A.M. & Maxwell S.J. (2018). Presenting a new genus within Strombidae Rafinesque, 1815 (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Littorinimorpha) with notes on the taxonomic position of Strombus (Lentigo) micklei Ladd, 1972 and the validity of Strombus (s.l.) blanci Tröndlé & Salvat, 2010. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington. 131(1) : 220-226
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