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Species / Strombus Conoideus

Strombus Conoideus

  • Strombus conoideus Grateloup, 1834

Original Description of Strombus conoideus by Grateloup, 1834, p. 192:

  • "463. Strombus conoideus. S. conoide. Nob. S. Testa oblongo-conoidea, tenuiter transverse striata; anfractibus subcarinatis excavatis; ultimo superne planulato; obtuse angulato; supremis longitudinaliter striatis; labro intus striato; spira exserta.

Measurements: "8 tours de spire. -- Longueur: 3 ponces 3 lignes. Diamètre: 2 pouces."

Locus typicus: Dax, Landes Department and Lesbarritz near Gaas, Landes Department, France

Strombus conoideus Grateloup, 1834, p. 192, n° 463.

might belong to Dilatilabrum

History and Synonymy


Harzhauser, 2001, p. 56:

  • In its sculpture, the Oligocene Strombus conoideus GRAT. is reminiscent of the sculpture of subadult shells of Strombus roegli, but develops a quite different spire from with slightly keeled spire whorls."


  • Grateloup, 1834
  • Grateloup, J.P.S. de. 1845-1847
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  • J.-F. Lesport, A. Cluzaud & A. Verhecken, 2012. Les publications du Docteur Jean-Pierre Sylvestre de Grateloup sur les mollusques fossiles du Bassin d’Aquitaine (S.-O. France) : dates de parutions et commentaires; Bull. Soc. Linn. Bordeaux, Tome 147, nouv. série n° 40 (4), 2012 : 417-485.
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