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Species / Strombus Denticostatus
  • Strombus denticostatus Harris, 1897

Original Description of Strombus denticostatus by Harris, 1897:

  • ”Shell elongate; whorls eight in number, those of the spire longitudinally costate in the earlier stages, the costæ there being numerous, and extending almost .from suture to suture; in subsequent stages these are modified, being much contracted, and becoming dentate at the periphery; on the body-whorl the costæ have shrunk, and are represented by immense, dentate, very distant tubercles; the other ornament of the spire consists essentially of closely-set spiral lineations, which are broken up into wavy undulations on the body-whorl of the adult by the crossing of the lines of growth; the outer margin is expanded and wing-like, extending as a broad wide lobe posteriorly, rounded at the extremity, and joining the spire at the posterior suture of the penultimate whorl; this aliform expansion tapers towards the front by a graceful curve, the shell in that region becoming much narrower in consequence; the exterior aspect of the wing shows that the spiral lineations become bolder and spread out until they attain the margin; in particular, a bold keel fortifies the prolonged lobe alluded to, whilst the growth-lines become prominent, almost rugose; anterior canal truncate.”

Locus typicus: Tallowan Well, Fowler's Bay District, South Australia.

Stratum typicum: Tertiary

Dimension: Length 43 mm; breadth (including aliform expansion) 23.5 mm.

Strombus denticostatus in Harris, 1897, plate VI, fig. 8.

Strombus denticostatus Holotype; Coll. BM(NH) No. G9654, Copyright BM(NH)


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