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Species / Strombus Intermedius

Strombus Intermedius


Original Description of Strombus intermedius by Grateloup, 1834, p. 194:

  • "468. Strombus intermedius. S. intermédiaire. Nob. Affinis Strombo volutaeformi. S. Testa ovato.oblonga, subfusiformi, tuberculifera, transversč tenuiter striata; anfractu ultimo tuberculis triseriatis cincto. 8 tours de spire. - Longueur: 17 lignes. Diamčtre: 8 lignes. Loc. Fossile ŕ Dax. Faluns jaunes de Saint-Paul. C."

History and Synonymy


Strombus intermedius Grateloup, 1847, pl.32, fig. 8

Strombus intermedius var. Grateloup, 1847, pl.32, fig. 13


Harzhauser & Kronenberg, 2013:

  • "Numerous subspecies and variations have been affiliated with Persististrombus nodosus by Sacco (1893) and Cossmann and Peyrot (1923). These Aquitanian and mainly Burdigalian taxa from the Aquitaine and the Colli Torinesi are largely conspecific with P. nodosus. Exceptions are “Strombus” intermedius Grateloup, 1834—a relatively small sized species with strongly sculptured last whorl and distinct inner lip, that is probably a Persististrombus and “Strombus” mitroparvus Sacco, 1893, (see Lozouet et al. 2001b for illustrations) that may be ancestral to the Western Pacific “Strombus” micklei Ladd, 1972 and “Strombus” blanci Tröndle and Salvat, 2010."


  • Grateloup, 1834
  • Grateloup, J.P.S. de 1847. Conchyliologie fossile des terrains tertiaires du bassin de l’Adour (environs de Dax). I, Univalves (Atlas). 12 pp., 48 pl. Th. Lafargue, Bordeaux Fulltext
  • Harzhauser, M. and Kronenberg, G.C. 2013. The Neogene strombid gastropod Persististrombus in the Paratethys Sea. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 58 (4): 785–802.Fulltext
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