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Species / Strombus Sumatranus
  • Strombus sumatranus Woodward, 1879

Original Description of Strombus sumatranus by Woodward, 1879, p. 543:

  • This specimen is near to, but is not to be identified with Strombus Javanus (also a cast), figured and described by Dr. K. Martin (1879, in Die Tertiärschichten auf Java, p. 47, tab.ix. fig. 2), from Java. It is the cast of a rather ventricose shell, with a slightly produced and costated spire; aperture long, outer lip broadly expanded, ear-shaped, corrugated within, and produced posteriorly into a round lobe rising above and separate from the penultimate whorl, notched at the anterior extremity; inner lip striated. In the S. Javanus the outer lip is semicircular and shorter posteriorly, and the spire, which is more produced, numbering about 6 whorls, is smooth."

Dimensions: "Height 25 mm.; breadth 19 mm.

Stratum typicum: In light-coloured Tertiary Clay-marl

Locus typicus: Government of the West Coast of Sumatra Island, Indonesia

Strombus sumatranus Woodward, 1879, pl. XIV, fig. 19

History and Synonymy


Strombus (Gallinula) Sumatranus in Boettger, 1883, pl. VIII, fig. 3, 4

this species might belong to the genus Dolomena


  • Boettger, O., 1883. Die Tertiärformation von Sumatra und ihre Thierreste II. Theil. — Palaeontographica, Suppl., 3: 1-151, pls 1-12.
  • Henry Woodward, 1879. Further Notes on a Collection of Fossil Shells, etc., from Sumatra (obtained by M. Verbeek, Director of the Geological Survey of the West Coast, Sumatra). Part IV. Geological Magazine (1879), Decade II, 6:535-549 Fulltext
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