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Species / Dolomena


Original Description of Dolomena by Wenz, 1940:

  • "Gehäuse mittelgroß, breiter; Außenrand der Mündung besonders oben mehr ausgebreitet; Endwindung mit einer weiteren, tieferstehenden Reihe kleiner Höcker."

Type species: Dolomena pulchella Reeve

The species of Dolomena are:

might belong to Dolomena

Dekkers, 2010 described a hybrid between Dolomena minima and Dolomena variablis.

Recent Dolomena sp.:

  1. row (from left to right): D. abbotti, D. columba, D. dilatata, D. hickeyi;
  2. row: D. labiosa, D. minima, D. plicata, D. pulchella;
  3. row: D. sibbaldii, D. swainsoni, D. variabilis, D. wienekei;
  4. row D. yerburyi

History and Synonymy


Ministrombus Bandel, 2007: 154


Dekkers & Maxwell, 2020 evaluated the genus Dolomena on morphological basis and found 5 groups for which they splitted Dolomena into five genera: Dominus (abbotti, labiosus, wienekei), Pacificus (orosminus, swainsoni, dilatatus), Ministrombus (athenius, variabilis, minimus), Dolomena (columba, pulchella, hickeyi) and Amabiliplicatus (plicatus, sibbaldi, yerburyi).

This is not followed here because of the usage of the Phylocode, which leds to an unnecessary splitting. Comment by ICZN about Phylocode: "The ICZN Code should be used in preference to Phylocode because the ICZN Code supports nomenclature which is specific, stable and effective enough to provide a consistent means of communication between scientist, and flexible enough to accommodate new information. It is usefully independent of philosophy and politics as to be universally and internationally applicable but at the same time is compatible with phylogenetic and most other conceivable theories of classification. It has the broad mandate of the scientific community and accommodates and gives context to the rich inheritance of the past 250 years of Linnean nomenclature. (see

Dekkkers & Maxwell's Dolomenina, a newly introduced subtribus, is identical with the genus Dolomena as treated here.

Dekkers & Maxwell, 2020 made two changes in taxonomy, that are accepted here: They elevated Dolomena athenia and Dolomena orosminus as full species.


  • Iredale, 1931 does not give any description of Dolomena, resulting in Dolomena Iredale, 1931 as nomen nudum. Wenz, 1940 gave the first description of the genus Dolomena. (Reference: Kronenberg & Dharma, 2005)


  • Dekkers, A.M. & Maxwell, S.J., 2020. An Examination of the Relationships Between Extant Dolomena Wenz, 1940, Doxander Wenz, 1940, Mirabilistrombus Kronenberg, 1998, Neodilatilabrum Dekkers, 2008 and Labiostrombus Oostingh, 1925 (Stromboidea: Neostromboidae: Strombidae); The Festivus 52(1): 39-59.
  • Harzhauser, M., Raven, H., Landau, B.M., Kocsis, L., Adnan, A., Zuschin, M., Mandic, O., Briguglio, A. 2018. Late Miocene gastropods from northern Borneo (Brunei Darussalam, Seria Formation). Palaeontographica A, 313, 1-79.

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