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Species / Dolomena Teschi


Original Description of Strombus (Labiostrombus) labiosus Wood var. teschi by Cox, 1948:

  • "Shell of small-medium size, with a rather acute, conical spire, the angle of which is about 48, and with the last whorl occupying about two-thirds of the total height. Protoconch conoidal, consisting of three smooth, convex whorls, the first of which is minute. Post-nuclear whorls about 8, those forming the spire strongly and evenly convex; last whorl somewhat flattened on the ventral side, but evenly convex in outline when viewed from the front, with a well-marked constriction at the origin of the neck, and of diminishing convexity on the dorsal side; the neck is pointed at its extremity, curving slightly in a dorsal direction but not at all to the left. The suture retains its normal inclination until it merges into the uppwer border of the labral wing, which ascends almost to the suture above. The wing is moderately expanded; its well thickened outer margin is subvertical, meeting its sub-horizontal upper margin in a well-defined angle which may form a slight upward-pointing protuberance; towards the anterior end of the margin of the wing is a narrow and rather sharp protuberance, with a moderately deep sinus above and below it. The inner side of the labrum bears a series of rather coarse radiating wrinkles which extend almost to its margin. The inner lip has a thick, distinctly margined coating of callus which usually gives it a slight convexity, and bears, along its whole length, a series of wrinkles which are narrower and more numerous than those of the labrum. The spire whorls are ornamented with narrow, closely spaced axial ribs and occasional varices, and with closely spaced and slightly unequal spiral threads; the suture is bordered by a narrow, smooth band which is delimited by a spiral thread with a groove below it. This sutural band persists on the last whorl, but on the remainder of the surface of this whorl the spiral ornamentation has almost faded away, apart from a series of well-marked striae which are present on the anterior region. The spiral threads reappear, however, on the whole of the wing, where weaker ones are intercalated between those of primary strength. The axial ribs continue as far as the ventral side of the last whorl, where thay are narrow, rather distant, and not very prominent, extending from the sutural band as far as the origin of the neck; they completely disappear on the dorsal side of this whorl at about one-quarter of a volution from the beginning of the wing."

Locus typicus: Dent Peninsula, Sungei Togopi, Northern Borneo, Malaysia

Stratum typicum: Togopi formation, Pliocene

Measurement of the Holotype: Height 42,8 mm

Dolomena teschi (Cox, 1948); Holotype; Togopi formation, Pliocene; Dent Peninsula, Sungei Togopi, Northern Borneo, Malaysia; 42,8 mm; Coll. Naturhistorisches Museum Basel no. H14400; Photo Virgilio Liverani

Etymology: named after P. Tesch, paleontologist.


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