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Species / Dolomena Columba


Original Description of Strombus columba by Lamarck, 1822, p. 208:

  • "St. testa ovato-oblonga, longitudinaliter plicata, transversim striata, alba; anfractibus spirae convexis; labro supra infraque valde striato, margine recurvo; columella striata."

Locus typicus: "la mer des Indes?" (Lamarck, 1822)

History and Synonymy


Strombus columba in Sowerby, 1842, pl. VI, fig. 2, 3, 6, 7


Strombus columba in Kiener, 1843, pl. ?, fig. 1, 1a


Strombus columba in Duclos, 1844, pl. 12, fig. 7, 8


Strombus columba Reeve, 1850, Strombus, pl. 12, fig. 26


Lienard, 1877, p. 109:

  • "55. Strombus columba, Lamarck. Hab. Cargados."


von Martens, 1880, p. 278:

  • "S[Seychellen] C[Cargados] R[auch im Rothen Meer] Strombus columba Lam. an.s.vert. ed. 2, IX, p. 702, Kien. pl. 25, Fig. 1, Sow. thes. Fig. 3. Lien. 109 Cargados. Seychellen, Möbius."


Ladd, 1982, p. 35:

  • "Two typical specimens from river debris (station SG79) on the Sarakata River, Santo, New Hebrides, are probably Pleistocene in age. The figured shell measures: length 44,8 mm, diameter 25,3 mm. As Abott pointed out. this species is characteristic of the western Indian Ocean area. Shells in the National Museum collection, however (No. 609962), are from New Caledonia. Abbott (1960) questioned the Vredenberg report of an occurence in the Gaj beds (upper Miocene) in West Pakistan."

Strombus (Dolomena) plicatus columba in Ladd, 1982, pl. 4, fig. 11, 12

  • Comment Wieneke: "This does not look like a D. columba sensu Sowerby, it seems to be a separate species closely related to D. wienekei

Specimens from private collections

Dolomena columba (Lamarck, 1822); Zanzibar, Tanzania, East Africa; 8/1999; Coll. Gjs Kronenberg no. 5993

Dolomena columba (Lamarck, 1822); Mozambique; exColl. Jan Berkhout, Coll. Gjs Kronenberg no. 5503

Dolomena columba (Lamarck, 1822); Mozambique; t: 41 mm, b: 43 mm; 1987; Coll. Koenraad De Turck

Dolomena columba (Lamarck, 1822); off Nacala Bay, Mozambique; at 2-3 m, on sandy bottom with coral and algae; Coll. Gjs Kronenberg no. 1255

Dolomena columba (Lamarck, 1822); Nacala Bay, Mozambique; 1990; Coll. Gjs Kronenberg no. 2225

Dolomena columba (Lamarck, 1822); Naede(?), Mozambique; Coll. Gjs Kronenberg no. 5505

Dolomena columba (Lamarck, 1822); off Beira, Mozambique; low tide; 37 mm; 1984; Coll. Koenraad De Turck

Dolomena columba (Lamarck, 1822); Seven Tree Island, Chacos, Carducia Bay, North of the Republic of Mozambique, Indian Ocean; t: 56 mm, b: 58 mm; Coll. Christian Börnke

Dolomena columba (Lamarck, 1822); Mahé Island, Seychelles Archipelago, Indian Ocean; 43 mm, 42 mm; 11/2013; Collected by & coll. Christian Börnke

Dolomena columba (Lamarck, 1822); Vista do Mar Hotel, NW Bay, Mahe, Seychelles; 7/1983; Coll. Gjs Kronenberg no. 1405

Dolomena cf. columba (Lamarck, 1822); Saint Brandon Archipelago, northeast of Mauritius Island, Indian Ocean; Coll. Felix Lorenz

Dolomena cf. columba (Lamarck, 1822); Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka; on the beach taken dead; 36 mm; Coll. Suneth Samarasundera

Dolomena columba (Lamarck, 1822); Papua New Guinea (?); 1980; Coll. Koenraad De Turck

Dolomena columba (Swainson, 1821); Samar, Philippines (?); Coll. Koenraad De Turck


  • H.S. Ladd, 1982. Cenozoic Fossil Mollusks from Western Pacific Islands; Gastropods (Eulimidae and Volutidae through Terebridae), Geological Survey Professional Paper 1171, United States Government Printing Office, Washington. fulltext
  • E. Lienard, 1877. Catalogue de la Faune Malacologique de l'ile Maurice et de ses dépendances comprenant les iles Seychelles, le groupe de Chagos compose de Diego-Garcia, Six-Iles, Peros-Banhos, Salomon, etc. l'ile Rodrigues l'ile de Cargados ou Saint-Brandon; Paris: Veuve Bouchard-Huzard, pp. i-iv, 1-115, Fulltext
  • E. von Martens, 1880. Mollusken. pp. 179-343, pls. 19-22 In K. Möbius, Beiträge zur Meeresfauna der Insel Mauritius und der Seychellen bearbeitet von K. Möbius, F. Richters und E. von Martens nach Sammlungen, angelegt auf einer Reise nach Mauritius; Berlin, Verlag der Gutmann'schen Buchhandlung (Otto Enslin), VI, 352 pp., 22 pls., 1 map; Fulltext
  • Sowerby, 1842-1847

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