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Species / Dolomena Dilatata

Dolomena Dilatata


Original description of Strombus dilatatus by Swainson, 1821:

  • "S. testa transverse striata; spira mediocri, plicis numerosis gracibus; labio exteriore dilatato, rotundato, crassissimo, reflexo; interiore supra crssescente, medio laevi; apertura striata."
  • "Shell transversely striated; spire moderate, with slender numerous plaits; outer lip dilated, rounded, very thick, and reflected; inner lip thickened above, smooth in the middle; aperture striated."

Locus typicus: Swainson, 1821 gave no locality

Strombus dilatatus Swainson, 1821, pl. 71, fig. 2, 3

History and Synonymy


Strombus orosminus Duclos, 1844 in Duclos, 1844, pl. 10, fig. 10, 11

Specimens from private collections

Dolomena dilatata (Swainson, 1821); Alyguays Island, Philippines; t,m: 55 mm, b: 54 mm; Coll. Christian B÷rnke

Dolomena dilatata (Swainson, 1821; off Tanjung Pandan, Sumatera, Indonesia; in nets at 20 fathoms; 1997; Coll. Gijs Kronenberg no. 5826

Dolomena dilatata (Swainson, 1821); trawled off Keppel Bay, Queensland State, north east Australia; 2005; 57,7 mm; Coll. UW2399

Dolomena dilatata orosminus Duclos, 1844; Racha Islands (Raya), southeastern coast of Phuket, Thailand, Andaman Sea; 43 mm; 2004; Coll. RenÚ Vanwalleghem

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