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Species / Dolomena Swainsoni

Dolomena Swainsoni


Original Description of Strombus swainsoni by Reeve, 1850, Strombus pl. 12:

  • "Stromb. testa fusiformi-ovata, spira acuminato-turrita, anfractibus undique spiraliter striatis, superne rotundatis et subtilissime plicatis, plicis in anfractu ultimo subnodosis, antice evandis, columella callosa, tumidiuscula, supra et infra corrugata, labro alato, margine acute dilatato, supra anfractus penultimum producto, aperturae fauce peculiariter dense corrugata; albida, aurantio-fusco tincta, zonulis angustis albis subobscure cingulata, spira pallide rosacea, columella alba, aperturae fauce intense purpureo lineata."
  • "Swainson's Strombus. Shell fusiformly ovate, spire acuminately turreted, whorls being spirally striated throughout, rounded at the upper part and very finely plicated, the plaits becoming subnodose on the last whorl, but absent on the front, columella callous, rather swollen, wrinkled above and below, lip winged, edge sharply dilated, produced over the penultimate whorl, interior of the aperture peculiarly thickly wrinkled; whitish, stained with orange-brown, encircled with somewhat obscure narrow white zones, spire tinged with pink, columella white, interior of the aperture lineated with dark purple."

Locus typicus: Reeve, 1850 gave no locality

Strombus swainsoni Reeve, 1850, Strombus, pl. 12, fig. 28 a, b

Specimens from private collections

Dolomena swainsoni (Reeve, 1850); Nha Trang, Khnh Ha Province, Vietnam; 74 mm; 7/2002; Coll. Christian Brnke

Dolomena swainsoni (Reeve, 1850); Nha Trang, Khnh Ha Province, Vietnam; 7/2002; Coll. Christian Brnke

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