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Species / Dolomena Minima X Variabilis


Dekkers, 2010, p.10 about Ministrombus variabilis (Swainson, 1820) x Ministrombus minimus (Linnaeus, 1771):

  • "Locality: Philippines, Masbate Island, 20-30 m, from fishing boats. The specimen is kept in the personal collection of the author under number STR0913."
  • "Diagnosis: Shell H 42.8 mm; W 23.5 mm, solid and heavy for the size, consisting of thick shell material. Shell with flaring outer lip, body whorl smooth and shiny with 3 rounded knobs on the shoulder. Spire tall, shouldered, with heavy axial folds or knobs and few varices. Columella and edges of the posterior canal swollen. Edges of posterior canal bended to the left when seen from ventral side to attach to the penultimate whorl. Broadly flaring outer lip, curving upwards. Stromboid notch rather shallow. Aperture and inside labrum smooth except for about 9 lirae between the stromboid notch and the canal. Colour of the dorsum is white-cream as a ground colour, decorated with axially designed brown zig-zag streaks. Deep inside the aperture there is a very brightly yellow coloured band bordered by a glazed, thickened rim of the outer lip in the normal white to cream shell ground colour. Operculum present, brown, serrated, with 5 serrations."

Ministrombus variabilis x minimus Dekkers, 2010; in the middle

Specimens from private collections

Dolomena minima x variabilis; hybrid form; Calitoban Island, North Bohol, Philippines; 20-25 m deep by divers at nighttime; 34 mm; 7/1999; Coll. Koenraad De Turck

Dolomena minima x variabilis; hybrid form; Coll. Virgilio Liverani

  • a: Swain reefs, Queensland State, north east Australia; no. 619-15/1
  • b: New Caledonia, Melanesia; no. 619-07/1

Dolomena minimus x variabilis; hybrid form; Luzon Island, Philippines; 37 mm; Coll. Christian Börnke


  • A.M. Dekkers, 2010. A hybrid in the genus Ministrombus Bandel, 2007 (Gastropoda: Strombidae) and a new combination for Strombus variabilis Swainson, 1820; Gloria Maris 49(1), p. 7-13.

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