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Species / Dolomena Yerburyi


Original Description of Strombus yerburyi by Smith, 1891, p. 418:

  • "Testa parva, subfusiformis, alba, plus minus lutescenti balteata; spira gracilis, producta, longit. totius 2/5 subaequans; anfractus normales circiter 9, superne concavi et marginati, supra medium rotunde angulati, infra angulum fere recti, longitudinaliter plicati, transversimque sulcati; plicae vel costae numerosae (in anfr. penult. ad 24, in ultimo 16-17, inferne sensim evanescentibus paucis labrum versus, caeteris majoribus et magis distantibus, superneque subnodosis), paurce supra spiram variciformes; sulci regulares, supra et inter costas continui, interstitia vix aequantes; anfr. ultimus brevis, basim versus paulo constrictus; labrum dilatatum, ad marginem anfractus superiorem productum, intus et extus incrassatum, sulcatum, ad marginem acutum ; apertura angusta, alba; columella callo crenulato tenui rufo notato induta."

Locus typicus: between tide-marks or at low water, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea

Type: NHMUK 1888.4.9.303

Dimensions: "Longit. 35 millim., diam. maj. 19."

"This species recalls to mind S. cancellatus of Pease, a Sandwich-Island form. It differs in colour, in the greater length ot the Spire, its larger size, and the different tint of the columellar callus. There are three specimens of this very interesting species in the Museum, two presented by Mr. Baynham and one by Major Yerbury. The specimen in best condition exhibits a faint pinkish tint upon the upper part of the spire. Most of the pale brownish or luteous colour is upon the back of the shell, and seems to be divided up into zones by a submedian white band and a narrower one upon the angle above. The constriction of the whorls at the upper part forms a very distinct sutural margination."

Strombus yerburyi Smith, 1891, pl. XXXIII, fig. 5

History and Synonymy

Dolomena yerburyi E.A.Smith, 1891: 418, pl. 33 fig. 5 (Strombus)

  • Syn.: Strombus sibbaldi Sowerby. Kiener, 1843: 56, pl. 12 fig. 2 [non Sowerby 2nd, 1842]
  • Syn.: Strombus deformis Duclos, 1844 pl. 23, fig.: 7, 8


Strombus sibbaldii in Kiener, 1843, pl. 12, fig. 2


Strombus deformis in Duclos, 1844, pl. 23, fig. 7, 8


Liverani, 2014 recognized Dolomena plicata yerburyi

  • Range: Gulf of Aden to Gulf of Oman

Specimens from private collections

Dolomena yerburyi (Smith, 1891); Aden, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea; Coll. Wolfgang Wranik

Dolomena yerburyi (Smith, 1891); Mogadishu, Banaadir Region, Somalia, Indian Ocean; trawled; 45 mm; Coll. Christian Börnke

Dolomena yerburyi (Smith, 1891); Somalia, Indian Ocean; 1.r: 43 mm, 2.r: 43 mm, 3.r: 40 mm subadult, 4.r: 30 mm subadult; Coll. Christian Börnke

Dolomena yerburyi (Smith, 1891); Dubai; 37 mm; 8/2016; Coll. Manuel Pietzonka


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