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Species / Struthiolarella Ornata

Struthiolarella Ornata


Original Description of Struthiolaria ornata by Sowerby in Darwin, 1846, p. 260:

  • "Struthiolaria testa ovata, apice acuminato, anfractibus senis, spiraliter striatis, prope suturam canaliculatis, longitudinaliter costatis, costis obtusis, antico costis duabus spiralibus, elevatis, ante mediam positis; sutura profunda; long. 0.7; lat. 0.45, poll."

Stratum typicum: "loose clayey sandstone at Port San Julian, Santa Cruz Province, Patagonia, Argentina

Struthiolaria ornata Sowerby, 1846. pl. IV, fig. 62

History and Synonymy


Struthiolaria ornata in Philippi, 1887, pl. 1, fig. 5


Struthiolaria ornata in Cossmann, 1904, pl. VIII, fig. 3, 4


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