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Species / Struthiolaria Prior


Original Description of Struthiolaria prior by Finlay, (1926):

  • "Ancestral to S. subspinosa Marwick, but differing from it in lower peripheral keel (medial on spire-whorls instead of on upper third), leading to a much steeper shoulder and consequently different outline of outer lip. Finer spiral sculpture (threads hardly at all raised, and very thin, interstices many times their width), and coarser nodulation on lower keel on body-whorl (about 9 knobs over its length instead of 12)."

Locus typicus: Waikaia, Canterbury, Southland Region, South Island, New Zealand

Stratum typicum: Late Oligocene, Early Miocene

Measurements Holotype: Height, 61 mm.; diameter, 39 mm.

Struthiolaria prior Finlay, 1926; Holotype; Late Oligocene, Early Miocene; Waikaia, Southland Region, South Island, New Zealand; Coll. Auckland Museum, No. AK 70738; Copyright Auckland Museum



  • Darragh (1991) writes on p. 151: "regarded as a probable synonym of S. calcar Hutton by Maxwell in Beu et al., 1990"

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