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Species / Terebellum Cinctum


Description from Jung, 1974: Of medium size, moderately slender. Spire rather stout. Outer lip not preserved. Callus on inner lip moderately well developed. Suture conspicuous. Above the suture there is a band sculptured by a few fine, spiral threads.

Holotype. Rijksmuseum van Geologic en Mineralogie, Leiden, No. St. 10337. Size 34.7 mm.

Locus typicus: Kembang Sokkoh, Java Island, Indonesia

Stratum typicum: West Progo Beds, lower Miocene

Terebellum (Terebellum) cinctum Martin, 1916; Holotype; West Progo Beds, lower Miocene; Kembang Sokkoh, Java Island, Indonesia; In Leloux & Wesselingh, 2009; Coll. Naturalis Leiden no. RGM 10337; Copyright Naturalis


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