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Species / Terebellum Hubrechti


Original description: Shell slender, solid, porcellaneous in texture. The size is average compared to the two other recent species in the genus. Adults measuring about 35 mm in length. The protoconch is not visible, on top of the shell one sees a curved live were the shell starts, as incised in the shelly material which is extremely smooth and glossy. The teleoconch counts three worls, the body worl being gigantic and covering about 90% of the shell length. The suture is shallow but clearly visible, in the holotype we observe above the suture a double spiral line, hardly visible, but clearly shiny when properly shown in the light. The body worl is smooth, but one can see through very tiny growth lines the movement of the shape in the shelly material. The aperture is large, triangular in shape, bordered by a slightly thickened outer lip. The overall coloration is remarkable: all shells are covered with tiny triangular dark brown dots, on the body worl there is a yellow-golden overcast and there are three darker spiral bands that form a delicate pattern all around the body worl. These spiral bands end with dark brown flecks on the exterior of the outer lip. A dark spot also appears where the suture ends on top of the aperture.

Specimens from private collections

Terebellum hubrechti Poppe & Tagaro, 2016; Ozamis, Misamis Occidental Province, Northern Mindanao Region, Mindanao Island, Philippines; 10 m; 43,1 mm; 2016; Coll. Guido Poppe


  • Poppe G.R. & Tagaro S. (2016). New marine mollusks from the central Philippines in the families Aclididae, Chilodontidae, Cuspidariidae, Nuculanidae, Nystiellidae, Seraphsidae and Vanikoridae. Visaya. 4(5): 83-103.

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