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Species / Terebellum Obtusum


Description from Jung, 1974: Of medium size; moderately slender. Apex not pointed. The spire is relatively short and consists of about 2 1/2 whorls. Suture not prominent. Callus of inner lip well developed. Columella slightly recurved near base.

Holotype. British Museum (Natural History), Dept. of Palaeontology, No. GG 21000. Dimensions of holotype. Height 42.2 mm

Specimens from institutional collections

Terebellum obtusum J. de C. Sowerby in Grant, 1840; Miocene; Gaj Beds; Sindh Province, Pakistan (formerly Sind, India); Coll. BM(NH) no. GG.21008; Copyright BM(NH)


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