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Species / Tessarolax Jenisseensis


Types: holotype, Museum of Geography of Moscow State University, MGU No. 106/11

Stratum typicum: In. labiatus Zone, Lower Turon, Cretaceous

Locus typicus: Lower Agapa river, Ust-Yenisei depression, Russia


  • M.A. Golovinova & D.P. Naidin, 2007. Cenomanian-Turonian Gastropods form the Nizhnaya Agapa Section (Ustí-Enisei Depression) in E.M. Pervushova, Cretaceous system of Russia and neighboring countries: stratigraphy problems and paleogeography, Collection of scientific papers; Saratov: Publishing House Saratov University, 2007, p. 62-68
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